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We are proud that our past clients have included...

HERE (http://blog.here.com)

A number of infrastructure and service deployment projects for this mapping company who has technology found on Amazon, Bing Maps, Flickr, Yahoo Maps among others - its mapping technology is found on popular GPS devices and mobile devices and covers nearly 200 countries.

Nokia (http://www.nokia.com)

A number of unrelated programs and projects for this handheld device making and software services company who have a software service divisions based in Germany.

DHL ITSC (http://www.dhl.com)

The IT Services Center for DHL Worldwide Logistics (a DPWN company). A number of projects were implemented in Prague, Czech Republic.

Barserver.com (http://www.barserver.com)

UK Hospitality Services based in London, England.

RSM (http://www.rsm2000.co.uk)

UK Retail Services based in Bedford England

Hewlett-Packard (http://www.hp.com)

We were sub-contracted by HP entities in England, Scotland, Belgium and Germany to work for their clients on a number of unrelated projects.

Glaxo Wellcome (http://www.gsk.com)

A number of unrelated projects for sites located in England and Scotland.

JPMorganChase (http://www.jpmorgan.com)

A number of millennium related projects in London, England for this corporate Banking giant.

UBS Warburg Dillon Reed (http://www.ubs.com)

IT support services in London, England for this corporate Banking giant.

Vodafone (http://www.vodafone.com)

IT support services based in Newbury, England for this worldwide cellular carrier.

MLP Finanz (http://www.mlp.de)

A number of millenium related projects in Heidelberg, Germany working under direction of Hewlett-Packard Germany for this German financial services company.

British Telecom (http://www.globalservices.bt.com)

A short term contract for the German division of British Telecom based in Frankfurt, Germany.


An IT support services contract, based in Canary Wharf London England working under direction of HP until iPrimus UK went into administration.

Halifax (http://www.halifax.co.uk)

A short term disaster recovery contract for this consumer banking group.

Hitachi Europe (http://www.hitachi.co.uk)

A number of IT support service projects for the UK division of this Japanese giant.

Ionica (UK Telecommunications)

An innovative consumer and small business focused telecommunications company that was based in Cambridge, England. The company assisted during a difficult time and continued to assist the administrators when Ionica went into administration.

Avro (UK Travel & Leisure)

A short term disaster recovery contract for this consumer banking group.

TNT Express Worldwide (http://www.tnt.co.uk)

We assisted their support center in Atherstone, Warwickshire England on a number of projects.